The final results and access to the 5 on-line courses are available through EUCEN's Moodle e-learning platform:

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read and download the Courses' Structure, Trainers' Guide and the Recommendations to Managers and Policy Makers regarding the importance of staff development. 

Courses' Structure

Trainers' Guide



You can have direct access to the IMPLEMENT case studies from here:


Diversity in LLL

  1. Academy on Monday
  2. Vita activa
  3. LACCouleur Noire
Institutional change
  1. Implementing strategy at the University of Mainz
  2. Germany for ULLL
Curriculum in partnership
  1. Russell Group
  2. National Case Study
Regional development
  1. Renewal of School Curriculum in the result of teamwork
  2. Center for Competence for small craft building
  3. University of the Dignified
  4. Getting recruited creatively
  5. The integrated music activities and development of creativity
  6. Development of the network of telework centres that will support and enamble the risk groups to enter the labour market and do their jobs 
  7. Providing assistance to wild animals/wildlife and first aid
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  1. Access to diploma level RPL-NKC for NPV
  2. Access to RPL-NKC for NPV




IMPLEMENTE has created a Case Study template-reference frame and a Checklist of techniques for engaging learners . These materials could be useful for anyone organising training events and/or using case studies in projects.


List of Results of the project:

  • Development of a sustainable set of 5 on-line interactive courses, each including 4-5 learning activities and many resources: 16 new case studies, video interviews with experts, links, forums, LinkedIn group.
  • Implementing ULLL - a video of a round table of experts discussing key questions in ULL is in place as an separate unit which can be viewed independently and/or used as an opening session to ‘warm up’ for one or more of the 5 topics:
  • A trainers’ guide for staff using the materials to lead a group in staff development.
  • A ‘site map’ showing the structure and content of the courses as an additional aid to users and trainers.
  • Advice/checklists of techniques for engaging learners and for selecting, writing and delivering case studies in training on writing and using case studies for staff development
  • A set of recommendations regarding staff development aimed at policy makers and managers.
  • 5 institutional events in UCL (UK), University of Tallinn (EE), University of Graz (AT), University of Mainz (DE) and Knowledge Centre (DK), piloting the training materials in a specific institutional and national context. And a 6th at the University of Clermont-Ferrand (FR) set up an institutional process based on a number of meetings of a working group using the training materials as a guide to their work diversity in ULLL.
  • 4 national events in UK, EE, DE, AT held in the context of conferences/meetings of the national networks in those countries.
  • 3 transnational and trans-sectoral workshops held in Graz (AT), Genoa (IT), and Reykjavik (IS)
  • 2 on-line workshops/seminars with all participants working at a distance
  • A launch event in Malta using all the on-line materials in blended format in workshops on the 5 topics, and a streamed in real-time introduction.