Training Events

Valletta (Malta), 07-08 November 2012

Promotional video of the  event

The five training courses developed by IMPLEMENT had their final face to face workshops during the IMPLEMENT Final Event.

  • Topic sub-programmes:

Exploring Diversity in University Lifelong Learning (ULLL)
Curriculum in Partnership
Implementing institutional change in University Lifelong Learning (ULLL)
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
Regional Collaboration and Partnership in University Lifelong Learning (ULLL)

Live streaming in Real-Time from Valletta (Malta), 07 November 2012 at 14:00 CET

Testing of the online training materials, 17-28 September 2012

Five courses were available for testing during this period: Exploring diversity, Curriculum in partnership, Implementing institutional change, Recognition of prior learning and Regional collaboration.

Free access was granted for a limited period of time from 17 to 28 of September. Once over, the testing allowed the final improvements to be made on the courses, which were launched in Malta, 7 November 2012.


On-line workshop in real time, 19 September 2012 from 15:00 CET

Topic: Exploring Diversity in University Lifelong Learning

The objectives of this workshop were to explore and reflect on the issue of diversity in University Lifelong Learning (ULLL): in particular the various definitions of ULLL, the relationship between university strategies and ULLL provision, and the diversity of target groups and matching ULLL programmes to their learning needs.

Moderated by Andrea Waxenegger, University of Graz, Austria


Graz (Austria), 10 May 2012

On-line workshop: "Regional collaboration"

Face-to-face workshop: "Curriculum in partnership"


Genoa (Italy), 16-18 November 2011

Face-to-face workshop: "Recognition of prior learning"


Granada (Spain), 25-27 May 2011