Link between corporate training and HE on The Evolllution

The Evolllution’s special September feature focuses on investigating the intersection between corporate training and higher education!

You are invited to discuss with contributors across the higher education and corporate world opinions on:

  • Why higher education institutions need to form closer bonds with corporations
  • What to look for in a successful partnership
  • Whether the pursuit of the corporate training market distracts institutions from their core missions (and whether it's a viable method to combat decreasing budgets!)
  • How to overcome the challenges of customizing training for the corporate market
  • Who should be financially responsible for an employee’s ongoing learning

Some of the articles published for discussions are:

Adhering to the Institution’s Mission

Christine Geith argues that research universities have different missions than other two-year and four-year institutions, meaning they gear their programming towards different ends with different outcomes in mind.

Developing more relevant programming

Lesley Snyder points out the typical college or university program development cycle leaves institutions behind the times with their curricula.

Determining the Success of Learning Partnerships

Niles McCall discusses the need for some quantifiable and defined metrics by which the success of continuing medical education programming can be assessed.


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