A unique opportunity to join IMPLEMENT in Graz!


How can universities do justice to their responsibility and role as “important social actors contributing to the better integration of adult learners”?
How can universities be supported “to invest more in services for learners” and to “better use their partnerships and effectively communicate the results of their cooperative activities”?
How can they become truly LLL universities?

And most importantly how can you and your colleagues develop your skills, competences, understanding and professional networks to enable you to be more effect change agents in your institution?

You can engage with the IMPLEMENT training materials!

We have already developed a printed and downloadable version of a training pack for use by managers and trainers in higher education as staff development activities – take a look at it, click on ‘Training materials’.

We are now updating and adapting these as new face-to-face activities and as on-line courses for individuals or for managers/trainers to use as a resource for working with groups.

In Graz you will have a unique opportunity to participate in:

And both sessions will be free to participants since they are supported by the EC though the Implement project. Follow this link to know more about this and to register.


Three other topics will follow and be ready for the autumn this year:

  1. Diversity in University Lifelong Learning
  2. Recognising Prior Learning
  3. Institutional development for ULLL

Contact us if you want to be kept informed about these developments and to find out more about the Graz events!